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myevilclone is a Munich based artist, whose main body of work is focused on conceptual art, mixed media, object design and installations.

In 2011 myevilclone presented his first solo show “Simple people, Simple pleasures” at Artig gallery in Munich.  Since this time myevilclone has been invited to exhibit his work in Munich, Berlin and Leipzig. Including group shows at MocTA, Berlin and Gallery Hasenclever, Munich.

All works displayed on this site have been created by myevilclone between the years 2011 and 2017.
If you would like to purchase any of the works displayed, please contact myevilclone directly.

Pics: Robert Sakowski / Kai Gettner / Robert Zack / Benjamin Hasenclever / Johannes Gerblinger / dineraphoto / myevilclone

Web and Text: myevilclone / Robert Zack


Rumfordstr. 46
80469 Munich

Studio and Showroom:
Reichenbachstr. 27
80469 Munich