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Office and Safety

Rothko Puzzle

6 layers of untreated cardboard milled and mounted in open frame. 


Title: „Rothko Puzzle"
Materials: Puzzle cut on layered cardboard mounted in open wooden frame
Size: each 960mm x 840mm
Weight: 8 kg
Series A series of 3 unique pieces, plus 1 AP


Emergency Boxes

A Series of 10 hand made Boxes, each featuring one item to fulfill any emergency. Sex, Chocolate, Drugs, Chinese, Rock n Roll and a way out! Plus 2x Love & Hope. 


Title: „Emergency Boxes"
Materials: Hand made wooden boxes, with nano printed glass
Size: 320mm x 320mm x 160mm
Weight: 1,4kg
Series A series of 10 unique pieces, plus 2x Love & Hope

Schmerz Frei

Part of the "Only the Monkey was Quicker" series produced by myevilclone for his solo show 2015.


Title: „Schmerz Frei"
Materials: Screen print on punched alu board with interchangable Nr. cards 0-99 in a custom frame
Size: 770mm x 550mm
Weight: 1,0kg
Series A series of 5 unique pieces

Leitz Life A-Z

A solution for all those nasty little topics: Addictions, Death, Money, Sex and Taxes. We have a folder for them all.


Title: „Leitz Life A-Z“
Folders, labels, Walnut veneer, glue, glass, stainless steel
Size: 2150 x 370 x 320mm
Weight: 45kg
Series This is a unique piece, please inquire for price

That's why I put Tape There

A land mark in our office series


Title: „That’s why I put Tape There
Materials: Print on Tesa 4661 Fabric tape
Size: 50mm x 50m Lenth
Weight: 0,9kg
Series Available in a series if 100

Read the Signs

A series of warning signs produced by myevilclone for his 2012 solo show.


Title: Read the Signs
Materials: Aluminum 4c print (punched), iron rods and used tires
Size: Sizes vary
Weight: vary
Series: Available in a series of 10