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Artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space.

Return of the Classic Rock Zombies

A living installation comprised of over 200 single items, all gathered from the artists past life. Produced for BLNHEAT 2013. The installation was inhabited by both the artist and visitors during the show. Constantly evolving and changing the work.


Title: "Return of the Classic Rock Zombies"
Materials: Numerous "200 parts plus"
Various sizes "pictured in 5 x 8 qm height 3m"
Weight: 1 Ton
Series: unique

RSK Revolution Starter Kit

This installation was produced in 2012 and includes everything you need to start your own little revolution.  Includes our RSK guide book "please see prints page"


Title: RSK „Revoltiton Starter Kit"
Materials: See RSK book "page 13"
Size: Fits on a euro pallet
Weight: 18 kg
Series unique

Bag Lady Starter Kit

A trash art installation. 5 color screen print bags available on our "textiles page".


Title: „Bag Lady Starter Kit"
Materials: cotton, plastics, steel, paint
Size: variable
Weight: 10 kg
Series unique


Read the Signs

A series of 10 hand welded warning signs, ranging in sizes from 1,6m to 2,4m


Title: „Read th eSigns"
Materials: Printed and punshed alu signs, glue, iron rodes and tires
Size: variable
Weight: 10 kg each
Series unique